Designers collections

A bet on design

One of our most distinctive features is the mix between tradition and design. We work clay just like they did thousands of years ago. We elaborate our tiles by hand and cook them in a traditional oven, nevertheless our designs are contemporary and avant-garde.

In spite of the ancientness of the material we work with, we are still in awe that in the 21st Century we keep finding new possibilities and our plan is to explore them all. We want to keep experimenting and finding new formats, shades and textures to create unique tessellations for our floor tiles design.

Our bet on design is firm and that is why we rely on regular collaborations with local designers to create new collections.

We turn craftsmanship into #neocraftsmanship.

Designer’s tiles

The first floor tiles desing we ever made was with Damián López, from the interiorism and graphic design studio LEBLUME, who developed the Vélez Collection with several variations. The undeniable talent of this young designer called interior designers and the specialized media’s attention. This experience gave place to look for new collaborations that could make a difference for our tiles and azulejos.

The next designer that came aboard todobarro’s ship was Carlos Jiménez, from Carlos Jiménez Design with his Nerja Collection, made by a number of tessellations with different format’s combinations and shades.

We are moved and nurtured by the fact that young designers are so inspired by clay and can enjoy themselves with the handmade creation of tiles by master craftsmen.

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