Glazed terracotta tiles

Unique glazed terracotta tiles for genuine spaces

Craftsmanship, tradition and avant-garde design

The term “azulejo” has its origins in the Andalusian Arabic word “al-zulayj,” which literally means “polished stone.” Our collection of handmade glazed ceramic azulejo tiles revives this pottery tradition developed by the Hispano-Arabic artisans of al-Ándalus, whose supreme quality transcended borders during its age of greatest splendor.

Each one of our glazed terracotta tiles is completely unique. Far from mass production, at todobarro it is our authentic master artisans who mold the clay with their own hands in order to craft and form every last piece. After being left to air-dry, we then proceed to a careful firing process in our very own traditional Arabic ovens.

Artisanal production methods and exposure to flames inside the oven result in the tonal variations, distressed surfaces and edges which are characteristic of our Antique texture. The result is glazed pieces in striking shades which appear as if they have been smoothened by the passage of time. We offer the opportunity to enjoy a sustainable, natural and organic material, paying homage to the traditions of old terracotta tessellations while simultaneously embracing the possibilities of avant-garde design.

Commitment to the environment

One of our utmost priorities when it comes to developing and producing our tiles and glazed ceramic azulejos is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. From the extraction of our raw materials through to their dispatch to our customers, we take care to ensure that each step is efficient, environmentally friendly and zero-waste.

Beyond producing a product which is 100% natural, some of the other steps we have taken include the use of biofuel (we power our flames with cuttings from olive groves and avocado plantations in the Axarquía region and with olive pits) and the use of returnable wooden pallets for delivery. Moreover, some time ago we discontinued the use of all plastic and other artificial materials and pollutants in the packaging of our products.

In addition, we continue to reinvent ourselves in this regard and we regularly consider implementing new measures to make sure we get a little greener each and every day.

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