New zellige line

Inspired in Mediterranean culture, of vibrant colors and hypnotic patterns, our zellige collection doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. We made use of Moroccan and Andalusian ways of living to design and develop a line that respects the most traditional production processes of zellige, whilst offering a wide variety of new, fresh and dynamic options.

Zellige is a kind of tile work that is marked, cut and assembled by hand. It requires a great technical precision, and a great deal of knowledge from the master craftsmen. Though some of the pieces can be very little, the final result is a compact and very uniform surface (for the pictures found in our site we put the pieces without using any grout, but we always recommend using it in the final destinations).

Zellige has formed part of hispanic-arab craftsmanship and architecture for over eleven centuries. Over time, it has derived into many mechanical-mass-produced subproducts. But in todobarro we stand for the things that are made to last, just like terracotta products have reached us through time; products conceived, designed and produced within the generational wisdom of artisanship. The tradition of zellige is still very much alive, thanks to brands and initiatives like the one undertaken by our great partners in this collection.

Hispanic-arab heritage: a collaboration with Aït Manos

To make our first zellige line, we allied ourselves with Aït Manos, a Moroccan firm specialized in the preservation and production of this mosaic technique. A passion for artisanship and our shared cultural heritage is what led us to this partnership. Both brands work for the defense of local craftsmanship and its updating through design.

Aït Manos is a world reference in the elaboration and preservation of zellige. Their work has the recognition of the Ministry of Culture of Morocco for its contribution to the preservation of culture and artisanship.

Through this joined project, besides creating a unique zellige line, we support and reinforce the hispanic-muslim bridge of Mediterranean culture. From the beginning we bet for the combination of Moroccan tradition, innovation in artisanal materials and the perspective of contemporary design.

Expanding the culture of fired clay

Our zellige, produced by Aït Manos, is made with a 98% natural Moroccan clay, 2% of water and enamel. The cooking is made in a gas oven that only uses clean energy.

Albeit being a very unique and recognisable technique, this line expands into our fired clay culture. Zellige joins our diverse family of tiles. It shares with the rest of them the features of terracotta we are so passionate about: versatility, hydro-thermal optimization and regulation, and durability.

Thanks to the enamel coating, it feels soft and silky to the touch. Our “Mediterránea” collection of zellige is perfect to install on floors, walls, countertops, terraces, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor spaces… We are finding it in all kinds of projects; the limit is the client’s imagination.

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