Combined formats

What do you wish to be, brick? And the brick answers: I want to be Architecture. Louis Isadore Kahn

Craftsmanship and technology

We work with a very humble material that has filled the pages of History when given the opportunity to stop being a mere construction element to become Architecture. Our goal is to elevate fired clay through design and a respectful, traditional and artisanal hand-making process.

Our team at todobarro is made of people committed to said goal. Designers and craftsmen work hand-in-hand, the firsts using design and rendering softwares and the latters using organic elements, such as clay and fire.

We’ve designed our tile combinations with the intention of making them compatible with each other. This allows us to offer endless possibilities of exclusive designs, enhanced by the variety and richness of the shades and hues resulting from the artisanal craft of each piece. Our Antique texture, along with the aforementioned geometrical compatibility, gives these tessellations the harmony and singular beauty of old, well-preserved paviments.

A bet of difference

The use of sustainable materials such as clay in the construction sector shows us that there is a new way for us to engage with the spaces we inhabit. Our tiles are ecologically sourced products handcrafted by master craftsmen in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The result is warm, natural and sustainable tile combinations that provide distinction and originality to any given environment.

We have installed our floors in private homes, houses or apartments, restaurants, architecture studios even in towers for tourism. One of the qualities of our terracotta tiles is that it adapts to all and kinds of decorative trends, as can be seen in our published projects.

The combined formats are especially suited to play and experience with the geometry and the potential of each piece. The tessellations can be sober, orderly and elegant or they can be fun, different and even, in some cases, daring by creating a certain feeling of movement.

Union Europea
Nansen Soluciones SL ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es mejora de competitividad y productividad de la empresa. Diciembre de 2020. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del programa Ciberseguridad de la Cámara de Comercio de Màlaga.” Una manera de hacer Europa
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