Basic formats

“Where there is matter, there is geometry” – Johannes Kepler

Craftsmanship and geometry

If there is something that still keeps us in awe about fired clay after so many years working and creating unique tessellations with it, is its capacity to express the pure soul of craftsmanship. It’s not hard to connect with clay, a material whose texture and sight we’ve known since forever ago. Human beings have lived thousands of years alongside this noble material, and we’ve learned how to make the best of it.

The exploration of clay and its possibilities has led us to investigate different formats of simple tiles and terracotta pieces. In this section, we introduce you to our basic formats. Uniform tessellations are created through repetition of the same shape and its geometrical disposition on the floor.

Squares, rectangles, triangles, rhombus… all different shapes in our catalog. Behind each design lies pure mathematics. A geometrical study is conducted by designers on paper (and screen) and then executed by our master craftsmen. Calculations, digital technology, softwares. Clay, fire, manual work. All of it converges in our project and gives us our identity.

The Antique texture as an identity feature

Unlike easily accessible, mass-produced tiles, our pieces present numerous hues, imperfections and irregularities typical of a worn rustic floor that have become our trademark. This vintage effect is a consequence of the treatment we submit the material to, of the hand making, one by one, of the pieces, and of the cooking process the tiles go through on our traditional arab oven. We call it Antique texture.

Our simple tiles have two sides and can be placed on either of them, achieving a different effect with each. The A side is smoother, softer and more uniform; the B side has bigger, more noticeable irregularities, hollows and imperfections, so it looks older and more worn.

Combining A side and B side tiles gives as a result a genuine, timeless terracotta floor full of personality and beauty.

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