Terracotta floors

Sustainable terracotta neo-craftsmanship

Handmade terracotta floor tiles in textures,
shades and designs that ignite the emotions

Warm, natural and sustainable, our handmade terracotta floor tiles present an array of different textures that evoke those old pavements of a time gone by, immediately drawing our minds to the traditions and legacies of southern Spain. This unique characteristic combined with its own geometry allows us to develop exclusive designs which reinvent the aesthetic vernacular of this organic material, producing an end result which is unique in its timeless and genuine beauty.

We present natural colors in creative formats which can be combined with one another. Geometry and avant-garde design combine in a traditional material full of possibilities. Thanks to our artisanal production process, we have been termed neo-craftsmen by the prestigious magazine AD España.

Our lines of handcrafted terracotta floor tiles can be divided into two groupings:

  • Fired tiles: a line which encompasses innumerable designs both traditional and modern which, as a result of the geometric compatibility of our formats, enable countless combinations and can confer a unique identity to just about any space.
  • Glazed tiles:a line which meets the needs for exclusivity and personalization of even the most demanding clients.

Our Technical Office will be happy to provide support and advice regarding all aspects of the design, installation, protection and maintenance of our tiles.

Characteristics of
artisanal terracotta floor tiles

Each one of our tiles is made entirely by hand. Clay rocks are pulverized and hydrated, then kneaded and modeled into a product which can be cast to create ceramic pieces. These pieces then undergo a firing process in our traditional Arabic ovens, which are powered by biofuels to create an element as natural as the earth itself.

The artisanal production of terracotta floors is characterized primarily by:

  • A general rustic appearance although with surfaces that are more or less silky
    depending on the types of clays which are used.
  • Earthy and non-uniform color, unlike industrial products which are completely
    homogeneous. The degree of shading variation on handmade terracotta floors can be greater or lesser all depending on client request. This variation results from the characteristics of the clays used, the type of fuel used during the firing process and the positioning of
    the tiles inside the oven.
  • Texture with irregular edges and faces which, together with marks and small, uneven incrustations, make each piece unique to a greater or lesser extent.
  • Tolerance in their measurements, with possible variations of around a millimeter between tiles.

These characteristics of form and appearance, which are reminiscent of traditional ceramics
used in construction, can be imitated using processes mechanized by industrial production with optimal technical characteristics but uneven aesthetic results.

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