Penrose 5 points

Penrose 5 Points uses both of our Penrose formats: Rombo 20 Penrose Narrow and Rombo 20 Penrose Wide. It goes beyond the traditional symmetry of the usual axes. The tiles emanate outwards from the center (a five-pointed star) and occupy the surface in a radial fashion. The introduction of different tonalities makes it possible to increase the level of expressiveness exactly as you like. Our technical department can provide you with a graphic placement guide specially adapted to your project.
Penrose 5 points


Both our artisanal production process and our firing process mean that each and every tile comes out unique. The hues will vary, with beautiful variations giving a singular and authentic appearance to each individual piece.


Rust red


Flamed straw

Antique white

Baraca ensemble

Ambar ensemble

Union Europea
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