A family home that combines Mediterranean elegance with minimalist design

La vivienda experimentó una notable transformación el pasado año al ser sometida a una reforma con un estilo mediterráneo.

Montemajo is a family home located in the town of Petrer, Alicante, nestled in a privileged landscape. Surrounded by exuberant vegetation that includes alpine areas, palm trees and Mediterranean plants, this house creates its own microclimate, inviting one to enjoy the beauty of nature in all of its splendour.

Built in 1970, the home underwent a significant transformation last year, as it was refurbished with a Mediterranean style and a minimalist approach. This renovation, led by A by Roberto Garcia, with interior design by Lucia Espacios, sought to make the design elements the main features of the space, providing an ambience that is both sophisticated and cosy.

The fireplace, a unique stand-out piece

One of the most striking features of Montemajo is its fireplace, a unique stand-out piece that was specially designed. With its clean lines and rounded edges, this fireplace becomes the heart of the home, providing warmth and elegance in every corner. A strategically-placed sliding window frames the views outside, allowing the landscape to harmoniously blend in with the inside of the home.

The format chosen for the Montemajo project is the Medio Ladrillo 25x6x3, in a straw tone. This choice lends the spaces a timeless and sophisticated air, perfectly integrating with the predominant Mediterranean style throughout the home. These bricks provide a feeling of solidity and durability, while giving the walls a visually interesting texture.

The Montemajo landscaping deserves mentioning, as it is a fundamental element in the creation of the charming environment surrounding the home. With a wide variety of plants and species, the garden is an oasis of tranquillity and natural beauty. Alpine areas, palm trees and Mediterranean plants provide a feeling of freshness and serenity, inviting the owners to enjoy nature in their own home.

Montemajo is the product of careful planning and impeccable execution. Every detail was designed to create a home that blends in perfectly with its surroundings and provides its inhabitants with a unique experience. From the bespoke fireplace to the use of straw-toned bricks, everything in this house is a reflection of a sophisticated and minimalist Mediterranean style.

The beautiful photographs illustrating this project were taken by David Frutos, a photographer who specialises in architecture.

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