Restaurant Byoko La Merced 22

A haven for all things organic where diners can eat in the center of Málaga

Right in the heart of Málaga lies Byoko La Merced 22, a restaurant specializing in dishes made from locally-sourced organic products. An absolute must-visit when in the city and a safe bet for anyone who loves healthy, conscientious and sustainable food.

Personality and distinctiveness in the bathrooms at Byoko

The team at interior design studio Kaulak, made up of Antonio Laborde and Patricia Flores, also based in Málaga, did a fine job of capturing the Byoko brand in every corner of the restaurant, paying close attention to all of the many details contained within its four walls. The interior is abound with natural materials such as organic fibers, plants, recycled materials and simple structures. Captivating details, such as fresh fruits and vegetables on display in wooden crates, give a nod to the local marketplace and the central position of nature itself.

Terracotta bathroom wall

For the bathrooms, an essential component of the image of any place of business, Kaulak opted for one of our personalized designs and installed our terracotta tiles in blanco antiguo (antique white) on the main wall. The pieces make up a geometric mosaic which is consistent with Byoko’s organic philosophy, bringing together a range of different formats: Triángulo 20, Cuadrado 20 and Cuadrado 10.

The result is a modern wall, yet one which is reminiscent of the traditions embodied by the terracotta pieces, each one crafted by hand. It is an artisanal finish that gives the space personality and a distinctive flair. Terracotta harmonizes perfectly with minimalist decor comprised of elegant lines and neutral tones.

The material that we work with is 100% natural, and its extraction does not cause any damage to the environment. Each one of our terracotta pieces is handcrafted individually by a master craftsman, air-dried, and finally fired in our traditional Arabic oven which is powered by biofuel in the form of olive pits and cuttings from olive groves and avocado plantations in the Axarquía region of Andalusia.

Here at todobarro, we are firmly committed to protecting the environment, and being part of a project which champions a philosophy and a brand image based around respect for the environment and sustainability is something which fills us with pride.

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