Partage: café and fired clay in Paris

Our tiles took a trip to Paris. Here is the story of how they came to feature in a chic Parisian coffee spot.

Our tiles are often travel to destinations all over the world. Since we can’t do that ourselves right now, let us bring you instead on an interesting voyage to 31 Rue Lecourbe in the heart of Paris. That is where you will find the terracotta counter we made for café Partage Paris 15, a space created by the renowned architectural and interior design studio Volta Architecture.

The magic of interior design

When Jonas and Christophe, the owners of the business, got in touch with the team at Volta, their idea was to transform an old driving school in Paris 15th arrondissement into a café where people could flock to enjoy breakfast, brunch and a select menu of gourmet coffees.

They both dreamed of creating a welcoming and homely space where regulars from the neighborhood could get together over specialty coffees and delicious French pastries.

To bring their idea to life, Volta designed a unique and intensely urban space but with the warm and embracing touch you get from natural colors such as ochre and wood, as well as other organic materials like terrazzo, ceramics, wood and, of course, fired-clay terracotta.

White tiles for a terracotta counter

The heart and soul of every café worth its salt is, without a doubt, the bar. Behind it lie all of the essential activities which breathe life into a business such as this one—full of movement and vital energy. The team at Volta wanted to make the bar a prominent focal point, so they opted for our Cuadrado 15 tile in paja flameada (flamed straw), which presents a gorgeous base of straw yellow, elevated and complemented by pinkish and orangey nuances. It is an utterly timeless tile which goes just as well in interior spaces as it does in exterior ones, regardless of the general style or tone of the space.

At Partage Paris 15, the result is simply spectacular. It is fascinating to observe how something as humble as a square tile, handcrafted by our master artisans, can make such a huge difference, imbuing the space with its own unique personality. We are absolutely delighted that the locals on rue Lecourbe can now have their senses enlivened both by the tradition and spirit of todobarro and by the fragrant aromas of delicate pastries and freshly brewed coffee.

The images used in this publication were taken and provided by Arthur Fechoz.

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