Home-made bread and cakes in Lorca, with a rustic touch

Focusing on quality and authenticity, Ayana Obrador stands out by offering natural and delicious baked goods that delight even the most demanding of palates.

Ayana Obrador is a charming home-made bakery and pastry shop located in the beautiful city of Lorca. Focusing on offering natural and delicious baked goods, Ayana Obrador has become a favourite destination for those who love authentic flavours. In addition to its exquisite gastronomical offerings, the inside of this cosy venue was transformed by the talented interior designer Marina Valentí, who creatively used the 25x12x3 Rustic Brick in straw hues to provide a special touch.

A charming rustic design

The inside of Ayana Obrador is testimony of the wonderful work by the renowned interior designer Marina Valentí. With her creative vision she managed to capture the essence of home-made bread and cakes, in a rustic and charming ambience. One of the main elements was the use of the 25x12x3 Rustic Brick in straw hues, which was cleverly used to line walls and create a feeling of warmth and authenticity.

The Ladrillo Rústico 25x12x3 in straw hues is the perfect ally in the interior design of Ayana Obrador. Its warm and natural shade perfectly complements the home-made and natural baked goods sold here. Its texture and rustic look also add a touch of charm and nostalgia, taking visitors back to a cosy environment that evokes memories of traditional bakeries.

A complete sensory experience

Ayana Obrador not only delights the palate with their exquisite baked goods, but it also provides a complete visual and sensory experience. The interior design, with its creative use of rustic brick in straw hues, combines with the tempting aroma of fresh bread and freshly-baked pastries. Customers can enjoy a pleasant environment while they enjoy the indulgence of authentic home-made flavours.

The combination of rustic design and excellent quality of the products make Ayana Obrador an ideal place to enjoy yourself and relax. Whether you want a morning coffee, to share a special moment with friends or simply treat yourself, this place provides you with the tranquillity and comfort that you need. The Ayana Obrador team is attentive and courteous, and they offer exceptional service, ensuring that every visit is a memorable experience.

Ayana Obrador in Lorca is a home-made bakery and pastry shop that offers an unforgettable gastronomical experience. The interior designer Marina Valentí’s talent is showcased in the rustic and charming ambience created with the straw-hued todobarro product. If you are looking to enjoy delicious baked goods in an aesthetically-pleasing environment, look no further than Ayana Obrador.

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