Shaded clay flooring and wall tiles at C’an Pantina

This project by Minimal Studio combines the Todobarro tiles with different materials, to achieve the essence of an old Majorcan “celler.”

A main element in a restaurant that is captivating, beyond its gastronomy, is if it has character and its own personality. Multiple factors are considered here, from the environment, music or customer service, to its atmosphere, the main feature of which is the décor. This is the case of C’an Pantina, located in the heart of the historical district of Alcúdia, a wine bar with a distinct Mediterranean essence that is apparent in every detail.

The establishment is part of the family legacy of a series of restaurants. Therefore, the starting point of the project is the generational shift: innovation in harmony with tradition and with the original aura of C’an Pantina.

The look of a traditional “celler”

The restaurant is located within the walls of the historical district of Pollentia, the oldest Majorcan city. Stones and plants are part of the outdoor environment that connects with the restaurant entrance. The main object for Minimal Estudio, the project manager, was to establish a connection with this iconic surrounding and to recreate the traditional look of an old Majorcan “celler”.

The new generation sought to redesign and renovate the interior design towards a fully evolved concept. Our handmade natural clay tiles, combined with materials such as wood or ceramic cladding, were the perfect choice to evoke the natural stone look that is so typical of Majorcan architecture.

Clay flooring in reddish hues and aquamarine shaded wall tiles

We are right on the Mediterranean, therefore marine shades were one of the essential elements in this venue. C’an Pantina chose for the wall of one of the bathrooms the glazed Rombo ISO 10 tiles, a shaded combination of aquamarine hues that reminds us of the marine essence of this Balearic Island. For the second bathroom they chose the Cuadrado 10, our smallest chequerboard tile, combining shades of red, salmon, flamed straw and antique white for the wall.

The dining room, the soul of the restaurant, boasts our rectángulo 40×10 tiles, ideal for larger spaces, in shades of red, salmon, flamed straw and antique white. The tiles were installed embedded in the rest of the floor, generating organic shapes that combine perfectly with the other elements in the room. This technique was also used on the front of the bar, with the tiles installed in a herringbone pattern.

Minimal Studio also created an interesting symbiosis of materials at C’an Pantina. Rough elements such as concrete and rusted chains, open-faced aged beams and ceramic cladding mix with our clay tiles, creating that connection between old and new.

The result is a warm and cosy ambience that melds Majorcan tradition with avant-garde design.

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