todobarro, at the Andalusian Design Awards

27 October, 2022

The Andalusian Association of Designers acknowledged todobarro and its work by granting it the 2022 award in the category “Integration of the corporate design”.

todobarro was distinguished at the 2022 Andalusian Designers Awards. As every year, the Andalusian Association of Designers commemorated the best businesses in the industry. The event was held on the 15th October. The setting: monumental area of the Santiago Hospital in Ubeda (Jaen), a dreamlike setting. Prior to this, on the 14th and 15th October, there were a series of activities focusing on the awards. The culmination of the events was the awards ceremony.

As every year, the crème de la crème of the Andalusian design world received awards in the annual categories: “Communication Design”, “Area Design” and “Product Design”. But there were other honorary awards, which take into account a whole career path, such as the one granted to todobarro.

Specifically, it was the honorary award for “Integration of the corporate design”. This award is for an Andalusian person, company or institution that stood out because they used and integrated design in the operations themselves, in the creation of their products or services, as well as in communication. A description that fits perfectly with todobarro’s operating philosophy.


Proposed by the Selection Committee of the Andalusian Designer Awards, the Malaga-native company was also an indirect winner, with awards for two designers who have collaborated with our brand. The proof of how todobarro was an absolute winner at the Andalusian Design Awards gala for 2022 can be seen in the figure of Damian Lopez, founder and creative director at Leblume. He won the award for Best Commercial Hospitality Design. Leblume’s team has been collaborating with us for five years now, specifically since 2017. And their designs are, without a doubt, a key aspect for the image of their products. Damian designed one of our most versatile collections of clay tiles, the Velez Collection.

His inspiration were the geometrical shapes of traditional architecture, such as the semi-circular arch or the circle, used to represent the divinity in many cultures. On this basis, the shapes, which broke away from the look that todobarro’s tiles had offered until then, have led to other combinations. These stem from the current trend of psychedelics, as well as from regal elements of the Arab culture. Everything lies in this connection between tradition and avant-garde, which is our trademark.

Carlos Jiménez

On the other hand, the Almeria-native Carlos Jimenez, who has also collaborated directly with todobarro, received two awards that night. The first one for Best Furniture Design, and the second for Best Product Design. His exclusive design for todobarro included a special collection with the aim to create a large-scale clay flooring, inspired by the Nerja of the 1980s. This inspiration finally led to the Nerja Collection. The idea began with Verano Azul, but in the end it gave way to infinite combinations, and the final result were the intensely dynamic, irregular geometric patterns of his collection.

Malaga at the Andalusian Design Awards

As for Malaga’s representation at the gala, todobarro was definitely not alone. No less than eleven projects were given awards. Narita Estudio, Efe Suárez and Orionte Vergara, the Escuela de Arte de San Telmo on the one hand. But also, the aforementioned Leblume, Factor Ñ, Fran Molina, Estudio 4.11, Irene Corbacho or Alejandro Sanchez, along with todobarro, also received awards that night. That 15th of October was definitely a celebration of the design talent in Southern Spain, and just another confirmation of the province’s potential in this market.

The jury panel for this edition comprised Sergio Díaz (Chairman of the AAD), Pepe Cruz Novillo Jr., Sr. Margarito, Ana Gea and Juan Aguilar. As well as Iván Díaz, Olga Lopis, Pedro Arilla, Juan Carlos Ordóñez, Miguel C. Rodríguez and Unbuentipo. All of whom are major references in the Andalusian design world and have proven that the industry is doing very well.

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