Trends in interior decoration

One of our distinctive features in todobarro is the aesthetic commitment that we make not only for our terrain and clay tiles but by the spaces that they inhabit.

To ensure the survival of the terracotta tradition, it is necessary to constantly update its language to prevent it from becoming an anachronism. Although it is a versatile material, each style, space and area has its own aesthetic requirements.

For this reason, we branch out our work into different disciplines that allow us to stay within a constantly changing game (such as interior design), with a material that we have been using for more than five thousand years strong>.

In todobarro we know that “the usual” is good, but it is not enough. There will always be room for the more classic formats, and the clay floors of a lifetime count with a wild card of timelessness. But that is not enough.

A joint effort to find new proposals

Our objective is not only to make traditional clay floors, but to explore all the possibilities that this material offers, and thus give our clients the possibility of carrying out their most ambitious projects with a sustainable material. , durable and ecological.

For this, we have the letter of multidisciplinarity. In our team we have master craftsmen , designers, interior designers, architects, and sustainability consultants.

Part of that teamwork consists of analyzing and adapting our tiles to interior decoration trends as they emerge.

Identifying which trends will be ephemeral and which will last over time is a skill that is acquired with practice, study and experience. AND is that we have to think about the possibilities of clay in the present as well as in the future.

At todobarro we work both with individuals and with interior design studios, architecture and fashion. We try not only to work hand in hand with the studios, but we also try to improve our creative capacity to also be the ones who propose innovation and avant-garde within the new interior design trends.

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